Two Queers and a Catholic Priest
Emily. 18. Bi. Dundas, ON. I have a ridiculously random blog, not really much of a theme to my posts, SOMETIMES NSFW, just sayin', sometime i like to post naked people and shit lmfao. uhhh im a pretty random person, but pretty chill, or so i am told. please please pleeeaasseee ask me stuff, wether its an actual question or just a random message, talk to me! i dont bite.......hard....
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I found you on The Dirty and I wanted you to know :( just go to the website /2013/07/rooning-it

i know. i knew since i first got put up there

2014 and we still cant speak english. 



"what is shipping?"

Its so accurate it hurts

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I took this screenshot of my iPod screen the night after MCR broke up. I don’t remember why. I believe I was debating about deleting my shortcut to the website. Only later did I notice that on my wallpaper, Gerard seemed to be pointing directly at where the MCR icon was placed. Then I noticed the way my iPod chose to abbreviate My Chemical Romance to “My Ch…ance.”
My Chance.

The band always was my chance. One of the big reasons I ever had a chance at survival. The music, the guys, I can’t even explain, in the spot that I was in, how much I they helped me. I’m sure some of you understand. And so I took this shot to heart, and I took my chance and I used it, I didn’t give in. And now here I am, standing strong in 2014. I’ve never been a huge believer in signs.. but I’d like to believe this was one. And I just now thought some of you might appreciate this little story.
Thank you MCR.
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New tattoo!
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patricks sandals, tho