Two Queers and a Catholic Priest
Emily. 18. Bi. Dundas, ON. I have a ridiculously random blog, not really much of a theme to my posts, SOMETIMES NSFW, just sayin', sometime i like to post naked people and shit lmfao. uhhh im a pretty random person, but pretty chill, or so i am told. please please pleeeaasseee ask me stuff, wether its an actual question or just a random message, talk to me! i dont bite.......hard....
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This needs more notes.

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so you should follow my brother…

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Fuck all the suicide hotlines and shit for a second.
Reblog this just in case; you never know who might need it.

where was this when my dog was dying ):

this could save a loved one.

I own a cat and a dog, and didn’t know any of this! Thank you!
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"We’re socialized to “let you down easy.” We’re not socialized to say a clear and direct “no.” We’re socialized to speak in hints and boost egos and let people save face. People who don’t respect the social contract (rapists, predators, assholes, pickup artists) are good at taking advantage of this. “No” is something we have to learn. “No” is something we have to earn. In fact, I’d argue that the ability to just say “no” to something, without further comment, apology, explanation, guilt, or thinking about it is one of the great rites of passage in growing up, and when you start saying it and saying it regularly the world often pushes back. And calls you names"